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Like any good manager, you choose your „Eleven“ before the game and designate the captain. There are 16 players at your disposal and, just like in real football, also in the “TO JE FOTBAL” game we distinguish the goalkeeper, the defenders, the midfielders and the forwards. The appointed captain also plays his special role, so the strategizing begins even before the match has started.

Each manager has 5 types of playing cards at his disposal. By using them during the match he may improve the attributes of the players, i.e. prolong a pass, shoot farther, move more players or enhance the goalkeeper’s intervention. However, since the number of the cards is limited, you have to manage them sensibly, so as a manager you need to have a nose for using them at the right time.

Another option the manager has to influence the course of the match, is the substitution. By substituting a forward for a defender you can reinforce the defense when you\'re trying to keep a tight lead. Or, vice versa, in order to even the score, you can send another forward instead of a defender to the battlefield. By changing the layout of the team’s formation you can truly influence the team’s power; by no means it is just a symbolic act. Just like in a real football match, in the “TO JE FOTBAL“ game you will need a dose of luck – a good roll of the dice. However, it is you, as a manager, who defines the strategy and disposes of real tools to influence the course of the match. 


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